In the time of grief and sorrow, Siyuan Funeral Services
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The first step to healing from the grief is to convene to a funeral. As a memorial service provider, we understand the emotions involved in the quest for arranging a meaningful service in the admiration for your much loved deceased. We help arrange all types of funeral ceremonies, from traditional closed gathering to assembling a contemporary ceremony at a place that was close to the heart of your loved one. We even take care of all the other ritual you wish to carry out in their memory; our KL funeral services are available at every step of the way. With appropriate music, songs to be sung, birds to be released, Siyuan Funeral Services will create an unforgettable ambience that will keep the memories of the funeral alive in your mind forever.

Deciding between Burial and Cremation

Upholding the last wish of your loved one for burial or cremation, we help you make the finer decisions such as the casket and vault to select and to arrange cemetery for carrying out the burial. On the other hand, deciding where the cremated remains will be kept. If they will be held in reserve in a mausoleum niche or buried in the cemetery

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At Siyuan Memorial Services, we assist with funeral processions and provide all kinds of funeral services, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

What We Do for Funeral Ceremony Arrangements

We believe in providing personalized services; therefore, before making funeral arrangements, one of our arrangers will get in touch with you to get to know your loved one’s better and help arrange the most appropriate tribute in respect of the final wishes. Funeral Director will walk you through the standard proceedings and answer any questions you may have regarding the ceremony. On request, we also arrange private Chapels where close family members can spend some time privately and say their last goodbye in the most personalized environment.

What We Do for Funeral Processions

We take care of all the minute details agreed upon so that the funeral proceeds exactly as you wish for. From the order of procession, escorting family and friends, funeral hymns and readings and other rituals such as committal service, flower tribute are all arranged exactly as agreed upon. We also ensure that your loved one is prepared in accordance with your local traditions, before transferring the coffin to the funeral location/ church with respect and dignity. During the entire process, a dedicated Funeral Director will be overseeing the arrangements and ensure smooth execution. During the ceremony, Funeral Director will be available, wherever needed, to assist you with the funeral proceedings.

Our services are also available for the days following the funeral. We also arrange funeral receptions, where the family cherishes the memories of the deceased in a closed gathering. If the loved one was cremated, we make arrangements for ash collection and burying them. Affordable funeral packages are available also.


Feeling overwhelmed and heavy- hearted in dealing with the death of your loved one? From preparing for the funeral to taking care of everything on the day of proceedings of the funeral, let Siyuan Memorial Services handle everything. We help you execute all the rituals and the wishes of the deceased in the most personalized yet professional way. Siyuan Memorial Services offer bereavement for every religion. Our goal is to provide your loved one with a farewell ceremony that fulfils every tradition, and religious obligation in its true essence, as you give a tribute to the life of the deceased. We take care of every wish brought to us with respect and dignity so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Our funeral services include pre-planning, cremation and burial, transportation and escort service for friends and family. We also offer eulogy writing services, assistance in coffin and casket selection, venue selection and other obituary needs, in the direct supervision of Funeral Director.


Siyuan Funeral services will help you make the arrangements for however you like the cremation to be carried out. When planning a cremation ceremony, the options are limitless, and the freedom to choose can become overwhelming. At Siyuan Funeral Services, we offer traditional cremation services and as well as personalized ceremonies while keeping the funeral etiquettes intact. Choosing a traditional cremation ceremony gives the opportunity of open casket followed by taking the coffin to the crematorium. During the cremation ceremony, if you wish to recite poems, our expert team will assist you with the process of hymn selection. You may want to skip the cremation ceremony. In that case, you can opt for direct cremation, where the deceased is taken to the crematorium directly where cremation takes place, and then the ashes are taken to the graveside for burial or can also be taken to the seaside. Siyuan Funeral services will help you make the arrangements for however you like the cremation to be carried out.


Open or closed casket, choose how you wish to pay your respect and say your last goodbye. Siyuan Memorial Services offers diverse burial services so you can choose from the services that align with the wishes of your loved ones. The burial ceremony is usually carried out after the coffin has been lowered into the ground and the mourners gather in a closed circle to recite short prayers and other readings according to religious believes. We provide funeral services at home, church, private locations, and even make arrangements for a burial ceremony at the graveside. We also undertake burial arrangements and paperwork such as obtaining burial permit at the cemetery and assisting with the death certificate. Besides, we also assist and plan traditional closed casket burial or open casket so that you can observe this moment of grief in complete comfort and peace of mind as we extend our support in every way possible.



The last thing you can do for the departing souls is bid them farewell with the respect they deserve.

Siyuan Memories offers professional funeral and bereavement services. We understand how much challenging it is for the grieving family to handle their emotional pain and make arrangements for the funeral of their deceased loved one. Lack of knowledge regarding customs and funeral services can also elevate stress. In such circumstances, Siyuan Memories come forward and manage the Buddhist and Christian funeral services in the funeral parlour.

Our empathetic team is aware of the rituals followed around different cultures and regions. Our professional staff knows about the funeral and burial services required for all faiths, and we arrange them without disturbing you. We can organize a personalized funeral service in PJ funeral parlour, Jinjang Funeral Parlour, KL Kwong Tong Funeral Parlour, Old Klang Road Funeral Parlour for your loved one with all the offerings necessary for the funeral.

What We Offer


A professional funeral services providers is a convenient option as their expertise in this field can help relieve the stress of arrangement from your shoulders. Siyuan Memorial Services offers funeral ceremonies that are personalized to the wishes of your loved one. Our years of experience in this field enables us to plan, arrange and execute Christian and Buddhist funeral services at the most affordable rates even at the last hour. Our services extend from arranging funeral ceremonies that adhere to local customs, coordinating transportation of the coffin, arranging cremation and burial, booking venue for a memorial ceremony. Siyuan Memorial Services assists with the selection of caskets and urns while keeping your choice of cremation/ burial in mind. We also assist with the funeral proceeding so that the essential rituals of the funeral and burial are carried out with complete compassion and respect.

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We offer memorial and burial services across Malaysia. Our expert funeral services extend from Christian funerals, Buddhist Funerals and all the other religions. At Siyuan Memorial Services, we are extremely particular when it comes to making arrangements for the funeral ceremonies. As funerals are our last interaction with the deceased loved one, friends and family tends to hold an immense sentimental value to carry out every ritual following the last wishes of the loved one. We take care of your every wish and ensure the sanctity of the proceedings remain intact. Our compassionate team of arranges and Funeral Director are available throughout the ceremony and even after the proceedings, to ensure the ceremony takes place in the most personalized way so the family can say their tribute to their loved with complete compassion and dignity. In this difficult time, entrust us with the arrangements and other paperwork so we can alleviate the burden on you as you say your farewell.

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