Coordination of Funeral

Coordination of Funeral

Planning a funeral ceremony during the time of loss is an emotionally demanding task Without any guidance and information, coordination of funeral service can be an overwhelming task at an already hard time. That is where a funeral coordinator or director comes to the rescue, so the mourners of the deceased are not bothered by the planning of the funeral because they are already mentally and physically in distress. Coordination of funeral service includes the following services.

Transportation of the body

A funeral coordinator has the task of moving the body from person’s death place onto a mortuary. Arranging for transportation of the body for moving the body from the hospital or where the person died to the funeral home or coroner is autopsy is required.

Cremation/ Embalming

Arranging the cremation or embalming, whatever is the preference of the relatives of the deceased is the responsibility of a funeral coordinator. Preparing cremation/ embalming of the remains, selecting the casket or a cremation container in case if the family decide for cremation. Selecting the clothes for the deceased after communicating with the family is also in the coordinators’ job description.

Booking of a funeral home for the memorial services

After consulting with the family, selecting a funeral home, transportation of the guests to and from the service, ushering the guests to their seats, selecting music for the funeral is all the headache of the coordinator.

Registration of the deceased

A funeral coordinator is responsible for the registration of the deceased in the relative government agency and obtaining a death certificate and burial permits.

Arrangements of the burial

Contacting a grave maker and arranging the burial and transporting the body to the grave is a task that can be quite emotional for the relatives to perform.

Coordination of funeral service can be hard for the family to perform; therefore the funeral coordinator or director helps in all the above-mentioned tasks so that the family can focus on mourning and moving forward with heavy hearts.