Funeral Procession

Experiencing the loss of a loved can itself be a devastating experience, planning their funeral procession service is an appropriate way to commemorate their life. Funeral procession service means moving the body from the place of death to the burial usually in motor vehicles or by foot, from a funeral home or a place of worship to the cemetery or crematorium.

Schedule of the Events

Opting for a funeral procession service can help ensure that everyone follows a schedule of the events throughout the day, and it reduces the chances of falling behind of the family as the day proceeds.It can also mean that family members will know prior where to go and the fastest route to the gravesite.

Selecting the Procession Vehicle

Because the procession centres on transportation, selecting the procession vehicle is a key step. It’s up to the family members who are arranging the funeral to decide things like the funeral procession vehicle and other service locations.These vehicles were horse-drawn carriages or biers carried by hand in the past, but now motor vehicles are used for the procession services. The deceased is transported in the hearse with a procession of vehicles following behind, beginning with the spouse and close family members.

Procession Etiquette

While planning a funeral procession service, it’s important for all involved parties to be familiar with proper procession etiquette.

  • The funeral motor vehicle should be marked with a flag.
  • The hearse transporting the deceased is usually the first in line and is followed by immediate family members.
  • All vehicles in the procession should switch on their headlights.
  • The leading vehicle MUST follow traffic rules.
  • All the vehicles should drive slowly and follow the lead car.
  • Confirm the route with funeral coordinator ahead of time.
  • Scope out the parking situations at the service.

Nothing will happen to you if you don’t follow them. But these are a sign of respect for the person who has died, which many families should appreciate.