Christian Funeral

Christian Funeral

Funerals are never easy; it hurts to lay your loved ones in the ground and say goodbye. Christians have faith in the afterlife and want their beloveds to attain eternal peace in Heaven. In Christian funeral service, the focus is on providing strength to the grieving family and friends and to properly bid farewell to the departed individual.

A series of funeral traditions are followed in the Christian funeral service upon the death of a person practicing Christianity. To bid final goodbye and respect to the deceased, appropriate mourning etiquettes are observed. For the most part, the funeral and burial customs of Orthodox, Anglican, Catholics, Methodists, and Protestants are similar. Still, slight differences in the customs can occur.

Siyuan Memories takes care of all the burial customs and funeral services for Christians belonging to different sects and denominations. Siyuan Memories focuses on providing the funeral services with respect and fulfilling the purpose to pray for the departed soul.

What Does A Christian Funeral Service Involve?

A Christian Funeral includes:

  • Preparation of the body for burial. The person’s body is washed, cleaned, and dressed in the person’s best clothing. Then, the hands are placed on top of the chest, crossed. Also, a rosary or prayer book can be put in the hands.
  • The funeral service is mostly held in a church, where the priest or minister enters first.
  • Priest or minister will give a sermon to the people assembled for the funeral. The purpose is to remind them about the reality and perspective of death.
  • Passages from the Bible are read; the Old Testament or the New Testament passages are selected and included in the Christian funeral service.
  • Throughout the service, hymns and prayers are sung and read for the hope and comfort of the family. It is a sign of acknowledging the demise of their loved one and looking forward to reuniting with them in eternal life.
  • Family and friends also offer remembrance speech for the departed soul.
  • Lastly, graveside services are held.

Siyuan Memories plays its part in providing Christian funeral service with utmost respect and responsibility. Contact us for further details.