Planning a funeral, wake, or memorial for the departed soul is the saddest thing one can do. Despite understanding the reality of life, the sorrow and pain stay with the grieving family for a long time. In this difficult time, it gets challenging to handle the arrangements for the funeral and consoling the grieving heart.

Moreover, the KL funeral service may differ as per the different religions and customs in Malaysia. The family members determine the rituals and traditions for KL funeral service. It is up to the family of the deceased to decide whether they want to hold a small and peaceful funeral ceremony or they want to invite all the friends and relatives who wish to pay their regards and respect to the deceased.

If you wonder whether I can find a funeral service near me in Malaysia, then the answer is yes. Depending on your religion and preferred customs, you can choose the way you want the KL funeral service to happen. For instance, a Christian funeral service would be different from a Buddhist funeral service. Similarly, Sikh funerals and Hindu funerals have some other requirements.

Siyuan Memories, as a professional funeral parlour, assists the bereaved families in handling funeral arrangements and share their burden. Our services adhere to all the essentials of funerals and take care of customs and rituals, necessary for the funeral service in a short time. We offer services for the Christian funerals and Buddhist funerals with appropriate requirements. You can trust us to alleviate your burden and prepare for the ceremony in a seamless manner.

If you are searching for “funeral service near me” in Malaysia, then contact Siyuan Memories. You will find the funeral services with respect to the traditions and as per the religion of the deceased person. Also, various packages are available for the services to make it affordable for the family.

Pre Planning

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Christian Funeral

Funerals are never easy; it hurts to lay your loved ones in the ground and say goodbye. Christians have faith in the afterlife and want their beloveds to attain eternal peace in Heaven. In Christian funeral service, the focus is on providing strength to the grieving family and friends and to properly bid farewell to the departed individual. A series of funeral traditions are followed in the Christian funeral service upon the death of a person practicing Christianity. To bid final goodbye and respect to the deceased, appropriate mourning etiquettes are observed. For the most part, the funeral and burial…

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Buddhist Funeral

Funeral customs vary in different sects of Buddhism and from country to country. Due to which, the Buddhist funeral services also differ as per the beliefs and change in practices. However, for most of the part, Buddhists have faith in the reincarnation of the soul after death. Despite the difference of opinions, this one principle is fundamental and determines the underpinnings of most of the Buddhist funerals. It depends upon the family to keep the Buddhist funeral services solemn, traditional, simple, and dignified. Siyuan Memories is always ready to respect the decision and go forth with the family’s wishes. We…

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Coordination of Funeral

Planning a funeral ceremony during the time of loss is an emotionally demanding task Without any guidance and information, coordination of funeral service can be an overwhelming task at an already hard time. That is where a funeral coordinator or director comes to the rescue, so the mourners of the deceased are not bothered by the planning of the funeral because they are already mentally and physically in distress. Coordination of funeral service includes the following services. Transportation of the body A funeral coordinator has the task of moving the body from person’s death place onto a mortuary. Arranging for…

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Funeral Procession

Experiencing the loss of a loved can itself be a devastating experience, planning their funeral procession service is an appropriate way to commemorate their life. Funeral procession service means moving the body from the place of death to the burial usually in motor vehicles or by foot, from a funeral home or a place of worship to the cemetery or crematorium. Schedule of the Events Opting for a funeral procession service can help ensure that everyone follows a schedule of the events throughout the day, and it reduces the chances of falling behind of the family as the day proceeds.It can also mean that…

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Wooden Casket & Urn

There are various types of wooden casket & urn are used, but it comes down to three basic choices which are wood casket, metal casket and cremation casket. The first two are normally for burial purposes and the later, as the name hints are used for cremating the deceased. Wood Caskets The most beautiful choice when it comes to burial cases, wood caskets are made of hardwoods like walnut, oak, cherry or mahogany and some softwoods like pine. The more beautiful and rarer is the wood, such as mahogany, the more expensive it might be. Metal Caskets Metal caskets are believed…

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Life Planning

Imagine hiring a funeral coordinator or director who would work for you at your funeral and will know your preferences, someone who would put your interests and needs first? ​Life Planning is important, instead of fearing what’s coming; planning it is the more sensible approach. A good end life plan can light the way in what is an otherwise a dark stage of your life. Five Wishes The Five Wishes that combines the living-will and last wishes into one document that ispacked with questions and suggests that will help your family and doctor know: Who do you want to make health…

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