Buddhist Death Rites and Funeral Traditions Services

April 27, 2021 -

Siyuan is a professional burial service in Malaysia. We usually come on top results on Google when someone asks for funeral service near me“.We know how to bury a loved one and comfort the grieving families. It is a hard time for many families and friends, and we would like to take part and help you out in burying and making sure that your loved one goes to nirvana.

Before anything, Buddhists respect the deceased. If the dead has written in his will that he deserves a proper funeral, it’s up to a funeral service provider or the community to handle the burial.

Specific chants and texts of significance are to be featured in the will before death. Most Buddhists prefer cremation, but burials aren’t too familiar. Donation of liver, kidney or any body part for research purposes is acceptable in Buddhism. While embalming is not encouraged.

Before The Ceremony

Before it begins, a period is given to the mourners to pay their last respects. There is no prescribed procedure to follow in Buddhism, and so the funeral service may occur before a cremation or after. It depends totally on the arrangement, and the body is openly displayed in a coffin.

On arrival, mourners are usually met with an altar decorated with the image of the person who has passed away. Along with it an image of Buddha, some candles, funeral flowers, incense, candles, and fruits. Flowers are usually placed beside loved ones.

Cremation and Burial

If the body is cremated, the ashes are collected by the bereaved. These ashes are enshrined in a columbarium. These are usually kept in an urn garden or are scattered in the sea.

If the body is buried, mourners will carry the body in a casket or other vehicle with the mourners behind the procession. If monks are present, they may lead the charge; if not, then the family members may do so. Chanting doesn’t end until the body has been buried.

Traditionally, Buddhist burials are held on the third, seventh, 49th, and 100th day after death. If the family wants to change these dates, they are allowed to have no restriction in Buddhism.

Proper Ettique for Buddist Funeral

Unlike a Christian or Muslim Funeral, Buddhist funerals have different customs and values. Usually, white color is worn by the mourners, though this may vary according to different cultural norms.

When entering the burial service, mourners have to pass through the altar and bow their hands together in prayer position, taking time to reflect on the person who has passed away briefly before sitting.

Monks usually sit higher than most people during the service, as they are respected and are wise and know a lot about the world.

It is usually expected for all mourners to stand up when a monk stands up. The monk then does all the chanting, and if you are unfamiliar, you can just stay silent.

These are the things you look for in Buddhist funeral services. Siyuan funeral services offer all these services for the deceased. We know how to handle all kinds of burial services, including Christian and Buddist funeral services. We comfort the loved ones and give proper counseling that may help the loved ones feel secure, and we make sure that all of our clients spend more time mourning their loved ones.