Christian Funeral Tradition– Gateway of Heaven

April 28, 2021 -

In Malaysia alone, there are more than 5000 funeral service providers, and if you want to bury a loved one, you should know the best funeral service near me“. The pre-planning to the memorial service is all covered by a funeral service provider.

Siyuan Funeral Service

Siyuan Funeral Services offers funeral services for all parties. They don’t discriminate and provide funeral services to both Christian and Buddhists. One customer had to say: “When my mother died, I didn’t have to worry much, and the service was excellent.” We comfort the grieving families and make sure that we give the deceased the utmost respect. More about us and ourChristian funeral service are mentioned below in the article.

Now, let’s talk about some common Christian funeral traditions that most funeral services follow, like Siyuan offer this Christian funeral service.

The common rites done by any Christian funeral service are:

  1. Offering prayers
  2. Honoring the person who has just passed
  3. Passages from the bible are read aloud by either the priest or the minister
  4. The deceased is buried in the ground

Firstly, before the burial, the dead person is washed. In Christianity, it is believed that when a person dies, “he must be cleaned” before entering Heaven’s gates. After cleaning, the body is now dressed, and the body is then placed in a casket. Then the body is placed on a catafalque, where the loved one is shown to the grieving families. The person’s hands are put in a cross as if they have received communion. If desired, a prayer book or rosary is placed on the chest of the loved one.

Christian burials include a brief goodbye service at the graveyard. The priest speaks prayers as the body is being lowered down into the grave. Friends and family members say their final words, and this could also include placing flowers on the casket. A small amount of dirt is usually placed on the coffin as well.

The burial service has to honor and respect the loved one that has just passed away. The burial service should reflect on the deceased’s life, and it should offer a prayer to your loved one, who will go into Heaven and comfort the grieving ones. A funeral is a time for loved ones to come together and reflect on the deceased’s life and thank him for any good deeds he may have done for them in his lifetime.

Siyuan is a professional burial service in Malaysia. We usually come on top results on Google when someone asks for “funeral service near me.”We know how to bury a loved one and comfort the grieving families. It is a hard time for many families and friends, and we would like to take part and help you out in burying and making sure that your loved one goes to Heaven. These are the things you look for in Christian funeral services. Siyuan funeral services offer all these services for the deceased. We know how to handle all kinds of burial services, including Christian and Buddhist funeral services. We comfort the loved ones and give proper counseling that may help the loved ones feel secure, and we make sure that all of our clients spend more time mourning their loved ones.